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        2. DX1226 Auto Feeder for paper feeding

          DX1226 Auto Feeder

          It is mainly to be used for the paper feeding of the lead edge feeding machines like the printing machine, die cutting machine,etc. It can be added to those machines which speed is 150-300pcs/min.

          Special features:

          Reduce the cost: One staff can operate it which reduce the company labour force cost and labour intensity.

          Increase the efficiancy: increase the working speed and working efficiaancy.

          Reduce the waste: It can reduce the touch chance to the cardboard.

          Stable performance:it adopts the current mature hydraulic system. The gear motor suppply the power which is durable.

          Easy operation:the botton adopts the graphical interfaces which is easy to be identified.

          Max cardboard dimension:1200X2600 mm

          Max piling height:1800 mm

          Max piling weight:2000 Kg

          Cardboard lifting type:chain shifting fork lifing.

          Hydraulic driving of the shifting fork

          Hydraulic driving of the lifting of the horizontal transporting section

          The side and front block board can be electric adjusted.

          There equiped the auto vertical paper clapping equipment at the front of the horizontal transporting belt.

          It is tailor made of the height from the bottom of the paper clapping board to the ground.

          The whole machine can be moved vertically.

          The paper feeding rail is the ground fixing type.

          The shifting fork push the cardboard forward automaticly.

          The horizontal transporting belt can be controlled automaticly.

          The chain feeding lifting positiong switch is controlled automaticly.

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